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Let me introduce myself: I'm Lau, a friendly, motivated guy from Zanzibar, who has made the laid-back beach village of Jambiani on the south-east coast of Zanzibar, my home. I set up Mambo Poa Tours with friends and would love nothing more than to show you around our beautiful island of Zanzibar.

"Mambo vipi?" means "What's up?" or “What’s going on?” – a question you often hear as a greeting on Zanzibar. The usual reply is "Mambo poa" = everything is cool, everything is fine. This is what we hope every visitor feels when they come to Zanzibar – we can help you to find this island as cool as we do and to have a great experience with everything that the island has to offer.

We not only offer the classic tours like any other tour operator in Zanzibar – we can show you Zanzibar the local way and can suggest tours and activities that most visitors won’t have the chance to experience. If you are a food enthusiast, you might be interested in Swahili cooking, with fresh seafood, coconuts and aromatic island spices. Or maybe you don’t like being around lots of other tourists? We’ll take you to some spots where you’re likely to be the only traveller around. Our Signature Tour to Mtende has already received some attention - be sure to join us on one of the tours, as the trip is not guaranteed for much longer. And then there are the special events, of course: Sauti za Busara, the famous music festival, the Zanzibar Film Festival and Mwaka Kogwa in Makunduchi or a dhow boat race every New Year’s Day in Jambiani.

If you would like to get to know the real Zanzibar, we offer a great range of tours and excursions – we do the more typical tours with panache and can also show you something really new. Feel free to explore Zanzibar’s beaches and aquatic life on a snorkelling or sailing trip – a local dhow boat will allow you to enjoy the sun and the breeze while the clear water invites you to take a swim. Or maybe you are more interested in local culture? We know our island and in particular the village of Jambiani inside out, and we can give you an insight into local life – historic caves, Swahili food, seaweed farming, local schools, village projects etc. If nature is your thing, we can take you to Jozani Forest to see the famous red colobus monkeys that only live in Zanzibar, the Butterfly Centre or Zala Park for snakes and other small animals. Check out our complete list of tours here.

If you are looking for accommodation and a comfortable and characterful base from which to explore Zanzibar with its white coral sand beaches, its turquoise blue ocean, its unique flora and fauna and its wonderfully hospitable people, we have several options for you – just tell us your travel style, your preferred location and your price, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mambo Poa Tours is about more than just offering you transport from A to B or ferrying you to the most obvious tourist sights. We would like to spice up your Zanzibar experience and make sure that you have a great time during your holiday!

For quick info, contact us on WhatsApp: +49 1577 0462 735 (English & German)

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